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Review Proccess

  • A manuscript will be checked first by the Editor to ensure its appropriateness to the Author's Guidelines in general. If it does not meet the Jurnal Misioner's article standards, it will be returned to the author to revise it.
  • The writer who sent the revised article at this early stage submitted it to the "Pre-Review Discussion" menu at OJS, NOT MAKING A NEW SUBMISSION.
  • If the paper meets the Author Guidelines, it will be reviewed by the Peer Reviewer review with a double-blinded system. The author does not know who reviewed her/his article, and the reviewer does not know who the author of the paper she/he studied. A minimum of two reviewers will review one manuscript.
  • Then, the Editor will follow up on the results of the review and recommendations. The final decision is in the editor's hands, whether an article is feasible or not to be published.
  • Articles received for publication will be given an LoA (Letter of Acceptance) from the Editor.